The latest eligible bachelor to play a round of "Guess Who Pippa Middleton Is Dating?" appears to be New York hotelier Andre Balazs, 55, who has previously been linked to Chelsea Handler, 37, and Uma Thurman, 42.

Pippa, 28, who came to the U.S. to spend the weekend with host Balazs on New York's Shelter Island, spent time playing table tennis and hitting a local restaurant on Sunset Beach with the dapper Balazs, reports USA Today. "She got really embarrassed when some people recognized her while she was in line," reports Us Weekly. "She actually turned bright red!"

While everyone was speculating about whether or not the weekend pointed toward a love connection, and sources claim that there was "definite chemistry between the pair, according to the New York Post, and that the atmosphere around them was "flirt central," others claim that Pippa's getaway was purely professional. "She shares his interest in hospitality," said another source, referring to her upcoming party planning book, Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Family and Friends.

On that note, Pippa is reportedly in the U.S. on business as well as pleasure — while here, she will be giving interviews and attending publisher meetings for the upcoming release of Celebrate in October.

During Pippa's weekend stay in Long Island, her rumored on-again, off-again boyfriend Alex Loudon was back in London.

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