Damage control has its work cut out for it in the case of Pippa Middleton, 28, who has just revealed the upcoming release date for her new party-planning and etiquette book, Celebrate, possibly in an attempt to divert attention away from her brush with French law a few days ago, when her driving companion was photographed brandishing a fake gun at trailing paparazzi.

Now Middleton, little sister of royal Kate Middleton or, more correctly, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, is announcing that the anticipated Celebrate will be published in October, according to Michael Joseph/Penguin Books in Britain, reports USA Today. Middleton received a whopping $600,000 advance on the book last year, and is the target of a bidding war among U.S. networks and journalists such as Barbara Walters and Oprah Winfrey for a first interview when Middleton's promotion of Celebrate commences.


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    I am so over her.

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