Could Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry be on the verge of becoming an item?

They have both reportedly split from their significant others (Middleton, 27, from businessman Alex Loudon and Harry, 26, from on-again off-again girlfriend Chelsy Davy), and have reportedly met a few times since their siblings got married in April. Apparently, they already have nicknames for each other.

Middleton allegedly calls Harry "Captain," which is his military rank, while he calls her "Commando," in reference to rumors that she was not wearing any underwear on her sister’s wedding day. Harry is also said to have ended his best man’s speech with the line, “Pippa, call me.”

A royal insider said the couple have been helping each other through their break-ups, saying: “They speak on the phone all the time and have met up at least five times since the wedding, once for tea at his Clarence House apartments…. She thinks he’s got a really cheeky sense of humor,” the source told Grazia UK.

The pair turned heads when they turned up at The Troubadour in London's posh Chelsea for a tete-a-tete. They stayed there for two hours. “He only recently came out of a relationship, of course. He’s been trying to cheer Pippa up,” another source said.

Harry was apparently ready to settle down with Davy and tie the knot, even whispering “You’re next” to her at the Royal Wedding, according to Life & Style. But Davy was reportedly not interested in marriage. She told friends, “There’s no way we are getting married. It’s not a life for me,” said The Daily Mail, which could be the reason for the strain in her relationship with Harry.

But if Harry really is interested in Middleton, there are numerous obstacles he’ll have to overcome. Middleton is friends with Davy — friendly enough that any Middleton-Windsor romance would cause waves.

Also, now that she’s single, many of Middleton’s exes have been pushed back into the limelight, most notably George Percy, Middleton’s college roommate and the son of the fabulously wealthy Duke of Northumberland, who was spotted in Middleton’s company on numerous occasions. Other men who have thrown their hat in the ring include her old friend, singer James Blunt, and Prince William’s close friend, Barts nightclub owner Charlie Gilkes.

Even hip-hop star Usher seems smitten, The Sun reported. "I don't think there's a more beautiful, more stunning, more talked-about woman in the world at the moment,” he said. "I'm going to be approaching her in the next few weeks and setting up a meeting this summer."


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    I guess a rumored romance between the siblings of the royal couple was inevitable…

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