The “pink moon” is a lunar phenomenon that marks the beginning of spring.


While the pink moon does not actually appear pink, it is a full moon that represents a type of pink flower, signaling the start of spring. The pink moon has been visible since April 10 and will continue through April 12.

The best time to see the moon will be at 2:08 a.m. Eastern time exactly on April 12. Yes, this is the same full moon that appears every 29.5 days in the lunar cycle, but it is known as the pink moon because it occurs annually around the same time that the wild ground phlox (aka moss pink) is in full bloom. It is so-called because that is how the Native Americans recorded time and the seasons.

If you happen to miss the pink moon, there are plenty of other solar events to gaze upon this month. On April 16, the moon will pass very close to Saturn, a mere three degrees apart. And on April 21, Mars will come close to star cluster Pleiades, while April 22 will feature the Lyrid meteor shower. At the same time, Saturn will appear to be moving backward, as it is in retrograde.

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