Pierce Brosnan was stopped by TSA officers at Burlington Airport in Vermont on Sunday, for carrying a knife in his luggage.

Pierce Brosnan Held By Airport Security For Carrying Knife

Brosnan was reportedly travelling with his youngest son Paris, 14, by wife Keely Shaye Smith, when a Transport Security Administration (TSA) officer pulled the actor aside after a knife showed up during routine scanning of his carry on shoulder bag.

“Brosnan was encountered by TSA at one of their checkpoints and was allowed to proceed after the issue was resolved,” Burlington Police Department Lt. Shawn Burke told New York Daily News.

According to one eyewitness, the James Bond actor, allegedly appeared “furious” as the TSA officer took out his folding hunting knife estimated to be five inches when folded, ten inches when extended.

TSA rules list that all knives are banned – except rounded or plastic butter knives. It is up to the TSA staff whether the knife is confiscated or police are asked to question the passenger over their intentions.

Brosnan, reportedly appeared shocked by the turn of events, and was heard saying to his son, ‘I can’t believe they’re doing this.’

Brosnan was patted down, before being taken to a private room for secondary screening. The actor was asked to go through the scanner again before he and his son were finally allowed to pass through security.

Police would not typically be called to the airport for such an incident.

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