Fresh off the Monday release of Speak Now, Taylor Swift appeared on the Today Show to perform new songs and discuss the process behind her newest album. She posted this photo from the show's set on Twitter.

"At the Today Show. 31's are just 13 backwards to me," Swift tweeted, referring to her lucky number, 13.

The singer, 20, spoke candidly to Ann Curry about her writing process, and her tendency to include her relationships in her songs. "One of my goals has been to stay the same person, [a] songwriter," she explained, according to MTV News. "I'm always gonna write about my life."

Swift, who has recently been linked to Jake Gyllenhall, and to John Mayer and Taylor Lautner while writing for her new album, also gushed about the positive reviews that the album has received so far. "It's unbelievable when you put two years of your life into something, having it be received like that is incredible. I'm so happy because this album means a lot to me."

This album, Swift's third, is the first that the country-pop star has written completely by herself. To date, she has sold 13 million records worldwide. –ISHITA SINGH

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