Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte stripped down to just a pair of Polo Ralph Lauren briefs for a picture he posted on Instagram.

Lochte, grinning ear-to-ear in the picture, commented on his own photo, "Do I look a lil tanner haha!" He also explained that he was heading over to his ESPN photoshoot.

The 28-year-old swimmer is soon to be a reality star. He'll be making his reality show debut on E! in the series entitled What Would Ryan Lochte Do? The show will follow him as he continues to train as a swimmer and looks for the "right gal."

“He is an incredibly endearing personality who is sexy, entertaining and fun,” E! President Suzanne Kolb said in a statement. “Watching this show, I believe people will fall into three categories: they want to be him, sleep with him or mother him."

Not missing any opportunities in the afterglow of last summer's Olympic Games, Lochte also has a workout video series available called Lochte Hard-CORE (which you can buy here.) "Every exercise in Lochte Hard-CORE will bring you closer to achieving the most desired and coveted physique, the Olympic swimmer’s body. All without having to step into a pool," advertises the Olympian's website. "The best part? You can do all the workouts in the comfort of your own home without having to buy any weights or experience the hassle of an expensive gym."

What Would Ryan Lochte Do? is scheduled to premiere in April.

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