A wedding photo was released to the media today of the upcoming bride-and-groom-to-be Prince William and Kate Middleton. The photo will be seen in the official wedding program, which civilians can download for free at the official wedding site.

Interestingly enough, this photo seems to have been inspired by a similar set of photos taken of Princess Diana back in 1997. Those photos, which showed a happy Princess Diana in stylish black-and-white attire, appeared here in the U.S. in an issue of Vanity Fair.

The royal wedding day is tomorrow, Friday, April 29th and will take place at Westminster Abbey. The 29th has since been declared a bank holiday for the United Kingdom.

The couple became engaged in October 2010 while on a trip to Kenya and the official announcement was made November 16, 2010. There has been much discussion on what Miss Middleton’s title would be after her marriage, since she does not come from a royal or aristocratic family (in contrast to the other consorts-in-waiting from the past 350 years).

Her title depends on what Prince William chooses as his title. It is customary for married princes to be bestowed with a Dukedom (possible Dukedoms that Prince William might take include Cambridge, Sussex and Avondale, among others). Thus Middleton would receive the title of “Her Royal Highness Duchess of” and then the name of the Dukedom Prince William chooses.

It is also possible that Prince William will choose not to take a Dukedom, in which case Miss Middleton would adopt her husband’s first name and become “Her Royal Highness Princess William of Wales.”

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