A crow hitched a ride on the back of a bald eagle over Seattle, Washington, and the rare moment was captured by amateur photographer Phoo Chan.

A Crow Flies On The Back Of An Eagle In Viral Photos

Chan was photographing a bald eagle in Seattle when all of a sudden, a crow appeared and landed on the eagle. The crow reportedly rode on the back of the eagle for a few seconds before taking off, but it was enough time for Chan to take unique pictures that have since gone viral.

“I was photographing a bald eagle flying around hunting for an early meat when suddenly the crow approached the eagle from behind. At first I thought the crow was going to chase away the eagle. I have seen crows harassing seen crows harassing a hawk by swooping back and forth in order to drive it away from their territory. I was completely awed to see the crow actually land on the back of the flying eagle,” Chan told Daily Mail.

Chan was shocked when the crow landed peacefully on the eagle, but was able to contain his excitement and took a one-of-a-kind set of photos of the animal interaction. “I think the crow decided to land on the eagle because the eagle did not respond to its harassment so it landed briefly and then left. Eventually the crow flew away and the eagle continued to hunt for its breakfast. They both flew different directions and it looked like they became friends,” Chan added.

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