If anticipation for the ending of the Twilight saga comes in waves, then yesterday the tide was high. Just as the movie poster was being plastered on the walls of cinemas everywhere, sexy new stills from Breaking Dawn Part 1 poured out like blood from a pair of bite marks. Ranging from sleepy (newlyweds playing chess) to steamy (newlyweds cozy up under a water fountain), the photos will feed the hunger of fang-loving fans for about a day or two, maybe, before it's back to the pangs of November lust.

Several of the photos feature Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) on their honeymoon in Brazil doing all sorts of activities: riding in a speedboat, playing in the water, tugging at each other's clothes and gazing lovingly at each other over a game of chess. There is also a photo of Bella on the phone, shadowed by a concerned Edward, patting the suggestion of a demon baby bump. "We shot everything — whether it's the lovemaking or the childbirth — as potent and powerful as it can be," director Bill Condon told EW earlier in the year. "It will be interesting to see whether there will be people who think it too disturbing for this universe."

Other Twilight regulars make appearances in the newly released photos. Those on Team Jacob will feel their pulses quicken at the sight of Taylor Lautner running barefoot through the rain (or the sprinklers?), giving Nikki Reed a death stare and riding solo on a motorcycle. Say Yes to the Dress enthusiasts may also go ga-ga over what appear to be bridesmaids gowns and groomsmen at a special vampire wedding.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 hits theaters November 18.

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