Ever since Anne Hathaway landed the role of Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, in Christopher Nolan's highly anticipated Batman send-off, The Dark Knight Rises, fans have been mewing for a sneak peek of the Devil Wears Prada actress in her kitty ears. Today, they got what they wanted — sort of. Stills from the film were released picturing jumpsuit-clad Hathaway atop what appears to be one of Batman's vehicles, the Batpod, cultivating the suggestion that Catwoman will not be a villain in the forthcoming film but an unlikely ally.

What's included in the picture, however, is nowhere near as buzzworthy as what's missing. Aside from the fact that her suit is completely black, Hathaway's costume bears no suggestion of a nine-lived pussycat — no pointy ears or half-masks that have become a trademark for the iconic feline foe. Citing the names of the photos as evidence, /Film points out that this may not be Hathaway's cat costume at all, but rather the day clothes of her alter ego.

Some would hope, unless that means Hathaway's character never really transitions from Kyle to kitty. Regardless of whether that's the case, Hathaway is keeping mum. "I signed a blood oath," Hathaway told Total Film on Wednesday, divulging nothing but her commitment to secrecy. Holding up her hand, she added: "Bloody thumbprint on the paper."


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