After a very twisted run of events, a Texas man, Philip Panzica, who was arrested for having sex on top of Las Vegas ferris wheel was gunned down and killed in a Houston carjacking over the weekend.


Panzica, 27, was killed Saturday morning in front of his fiancé at 5:15 a.m. in Houston, Tex. His death comes six weeks after he was arrested for having sex with his mistress on top of a Vegas ferris wheel.

The day Panzica was arrested for public sex charges, he was supposed to be marrying his pregnant fiancé, Mistie Bozant, who was allegedly pregnant with another man’s child.

KTRK-TV reported that one of the killers told Panzica to “come clean” before shooting him several times. The two assailants were seated in the back seat with Panziac in the driver’s seat and his fiancé in the passenger side. Speculation has centered on what the attacker meant but nothing has been confirmed.

The woman who witnessed the shooting has not been confirmed as Bozant.

The accused killers, Bryant Watts and Arron Jones, shot Panziac and dragged his body onto the street, police confirmed. The fiancé then waved down a bus driver, who was able to give police a suspect description when Watts and Jones fled the scene. Police arrested the two assailants and Watts confessed to pulling the trigger. Both men are now being held on a capital murder charge.

Police also confirmed that the killing was not random and an argument broke out between the four before they left a Houston strip club where his fiancé worked.

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