Australian cricket player Phil Hughes remains in critical condition following a freak accident that occurred during a televised game.

Phil Hughes In Critical Condition

Hughes was at the Sydney Cricket Ground Tuesday, playing with the South Australia cricket team against New South Wales. A “bouncer” from bowler Sean Abbott struck Hughes in the face, causing him to collapse to the ground immediately, reported CNN.

Following the blow, Hughes was rushed to Sydney’s St. Vincent’s Hospital, where he has been receiving treatment. At this time, he is still in critical condition.

“Phil remains in a critical condition in intensive care. He’s in the hands of some of the best specialists available for this type of injury so we’ll just wait and see,” hospital spokesman David Faktor told CNN.

In cricket, a “bouncer” is a type of pitch that a bowler can throw in which the ball bounces before arriving at the batsman. Typically, the ball will bounce up towards the batsman’s chest or head, making it more difficult for the batsman to make contact.

“It’s awkward, it’s part of the game. For the bowler, it’s not his fault. It’s one of those freak accidents,” former England batsman Nick Compton. “On another day, you do exactly the same thing and it glances off your helmet, you get a bit of a bruise, you feel a bit ‘ugh’ and that’s about it. Every batsman has been hit at some point, some worse than others. It’s worrying.”

“It’s the unpredictability of sport, that’s what makes it what it is,” Compton added. “It’s a tough one to get right. If you want an absolutely risk-free occupation, don’t play sport. The helmets these days are very well made. It’s hit him in an absolute freak place.”

Celebrities such as One Direction’s Harry Styles and fellow cricket players have offered their support to Hughes through Twitter.

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