An online petition is calling for the removal of Matt Damon from the mostly-female Ocean’s 8.


Damon was to be given a cameo appearance in the film, but after his recent tone-deaf comments on sexual harassment, a petition is looking to have his part taken out of the film. The document has already amassed almost 20,000 signatures, which was the starting goal.

The Ocean’s reboot stars Sandra BullockRihannaAnne Hathaway, and other notable female actress, and was “supposed to be an empowering film for women,” the petition states. Damon “not only ignored but enabled his friend Harvey Weinstein‘s inappropriate behavior.” The petition also cited how Damon allegedly attempted to quash a New York Times report in 2004 that detailed the executive’s MO of harassing and assaulting women.

Damon has denied all allegations that he had any knowledge of Weinstein’s behavior, but this has not helped his case. Earlier this week, he spoke about how the media is lumping all abusers into “one big bucket” and that there is a “spectrum of behavior” concerning men who commit sexual harassment. His tone-deaf comments were unappreciated by many women, who spoke out against him on social media.

“Damon’s inclusion [in the film] would trivialize the serious nature of the charges against sexual abusers like Weinstein – a show of massive disrespect for the brave women speaking out,” the petition continued. Specifically, it asks that producers George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh to take out any scenes with Damon in cameo.

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