Peter Dinklage, who plays Tyrion in HBO’s Game of Thrones, dished on what can be expected for his character in the series’ third season.

Unlike last season, Tyrion will not be the main focus. Of course, it’s no slight or indication of Dinklage’s performance. It’s simply a result of Game of Thrones’ commitment to evolve with each new season. This time around, the 27 series regulars will all have the spotlight on them at varying points throughout the season. Does the Emmy-winner mind having less lines?

“I don’t mind,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “My character probably minds,” he quipped.

“It’s still fun, but easier,” he added. “I’ve had fewer days shooting. With all the [show's] different story lines, the focus sometimes shifts, which is fine.”

Last season, Tyrion’s story culminated with the Battle of the Blackwater. After he was confronted with an assassination attempt by one of his own men, he escaped but suffered an injury that leaves a dramatic scar upon his face. Although George R.R. Martin’s the Song of Fire and Ice novels,describe Tyrion loosing his nose in the battle, a vicious scar was deemed a less expensive way of achieving a similar emotional affect.

In the upcoming season, Tyrion and Cersei (Lena Heady) will be vying for their father Tywin Lannister’s approval, as he is now returned to King’s Landing. Unfortunately for Tyrion, this means that he’s no longer Hand of the King.

“The three of us spar a lot this season,” Dinklage revealed. “That’s a challenge because we’re a family and it’s a family with a very dark history with each other. They’re really rich, really well-written long scenes — six-page scenes — of just us talking. I really want to do those justice, you really want to serve it well.”

Tyrion will also be exploring his relationship with his lover, the prostitute Shae (Sibei Kekilli). What unfolds between them will have a profound affect on Tyrion.

Season 3 of Game of Thrones premieres on Sunday, March 31 on HBO at 8/9c.