A sea of red, orange and blue could be seen as Coldplay took the stage for the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime show.

The band immediately jumped into “Viva La Vida.”

They quickly ran into their second song, “Paradise” as the crowds waved their hands in motion. The crowd was also all in black clothing.

The band launched into their newest song, “Adventure Of A Lifetime” with life-size flowers in the football fields around them.

The stage then turned for Bruno Mars to launch into his smash hit, “Uptown Funk.” As Mars, in all black and gold, moved and swung his hips to the beat of the song, Beyonce took the field with a slew of backup dancers to sing her newest song, “Formation.”

Mars and Beyonce’s tracks mixed together to create the ultimate crowd pleaser in a face-off as “Formation” ended.

Coldplay then joined the musicians for the end of “Uptown Funk.”

Coldplay quickly moved into their classic “Yellow,” as a montage of previous Super Bowl performances shown across the stage like legends, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson.

The three performers also mixed legendary songs together to create one simultaneous song to commemorate previous performances.

The audience also had, “Believe In Love,” written in the crowd by the end of the performance as the camera panned out.