The conservative “People’s Convoy,” which began in America as an imitation of Covid-19 protests by truckers in Canada, has been hitting tons of roadblocks as it travels back and forth across the states.

After departing from California about two months ago, the American convoy has pretty much only made headlines when it has gotten disrupted or hit major roadblocks. Last month in Washington D.C., the truckers’ protest was held up by a single biker pedaling slowly through the capital.

The convoy began in protest of established Covid-19 mask and vaccination requirements but has continued on more aimlessly as these mandates have been slowly lifting recently. While the truckers’ numbers have reportedly been thinning, they still attempted a demonstration upon returning to California.

After protesting at the home of Democratic Assemblymember Buffy Wicks for her support of an abortion rights bill, the convoy became stuck in traffic on a single-lane road right by a local Safeway and was ambushed by a large group of locals armed with a nightmarish weapon: a bunch of eggs.

With locals cheering them on, several people let loose a flurry of eggs into the immobile trucks, with some reportedly not lowering their windows soon enough and got the insides of their trucks and themselves completely covered. The People’s Convoy is now headed back to its home base in Sacramento, California.

While plenty of embarrassing things have been happening to the convoy, they may very well continue demonstrating as their website has reportedly raised nearly $2 million in donations. You can see a video of the exchanges below:

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