If you have decided to put your pride in self-propulsion aside for a motorized bicycle, or are looking for a greener way to get to work, Pedego’s 26-inch City Commuter ebike offers options that can both give you a workout and sweatlessly get you to work.

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The City Commuter’s key feature, compared to other battery powered bicycles, is that it eliminates the need to choose between pedal assist motors and a twist throttle. Depending on your needs for the day, the bike can either help you physically pedal up steep hills, or use the motor by itself to cruise around town with minimal effort. The 26-inch wheel bicycle weighs 57 pounds and is not foldable, making it difficult for train or public transit riders. Its wheels and bulk will simply not give you the mobility of skinny-tired street bike, according to a recent CNET review, and the large cushy seat, with built-in suspension, might be a turnoff for some hard-core cyclists. The bike also comes with a standard gear shift, perfect for adjusting power for different grades of terrain, all while having the pedal assist to amplify your physical output.

The Classic City Commuter comes with a removable battery that attaches to the rear of bike, and has taillights built into the body of the battery. On a full charge, the ebike can travel 15-30 miles, and for an extra $700, a souped-up battery will extend that distance to 36-60 miles.


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While not as streamlined or portable as many ebikes currently on the market, Pedego’s City Commuter offers flexibility when choosing to bike to work, and beats a gas-guzzling car any day.

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