The Peace for Paris illustration, a painting featuring the iconic Eiffel Tower nestled within a peace sign, went viral following the terror attacks in the French city that took more that 100 lives.

What Is ‘Peace For Paris’?

Jean Julien, a London-based graphic artist, took to Twitter Friday with the simple yet powerful image, captioning it, “Peace for Paris.” Instagram subsequently shared the painting on its official account.  Before long, the logo became a symbol for those wishing to share their support for the European city, as France saw its most deadly assault on its own soil since World War II.

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In the first 24 hours following the attacks in Paris, which took place at restaurants, bars, a soccer stadium and a concert hall, more than 70 million people used Instagram to show their support for the French capital. Popular hashtags used on the site in the wake of the tragedy included #prayforparis, #jesuisparis and #peaceforparis.

During the attacks on Friday, 129 people were killed – 89 of whom attended the Eagles of Death Metal concert at the Bataclan Concert Hall. At least 352 people were injured, 99 critically.

French president, Francois Hollande, delivered a speech on Monday to the Congrès des Parliamentaires to address the country’s fight against terrorism. In his speech, Hollande announced that France will increase its military presence in Syria. He also stated his intention to extend the state of emergency in France for three months.

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