Payday 2, Overkill Software’s sequel to Payday: The Heist, lets gamers once again carry out an assortment of robberies donning the trademark ghoulish masks and sleek suits. Washington, D.C. becomes the playground of a crew of four criminals – Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf and Chains – in the high-octane bank heist franchise's second installment.

Reviews for Payday 2 have been generally positive, with special compliments for the sound design, character progression and the general narrative of the game that combines the everyday shooter game with well-plotted capers. However, critics found the sequel still wanting in the quality of the AI characters, interior graphics and some pesky bugs.

“Played as intended with a group of friends, Payday 2 is much like one of its heists: things can get a little sloppy, but the potential payoff is big. Parts of its presentation are lacking, and the state of its single-player is criminal, but overall, it's a deep, addictive co-op shooter that tickled my inner burglar.” – Vince Ingenito, IGN

“Payday 2 is a nonstop series of little stories and moments of surprise like this, challenging your ability to absorb and adapt with each succeeding moment. Familiar jobs never go down in exactly the same way, and all can reshuffle a series of variables you have to mind during an otherwise routine mission. The exercise that proves crime does pay on occasion, but only if you keep your cool long enough to grab the cash and get out when everything goes to hell around you.” – David Hinkle, joysiq

“In some respects, this is the game fans were hoping for: more of the same, with more features and the greater long-term appeal of character progression. In other ways, it's a slight disappointment, a game still suffering from technical issues that should have been the first thing to be tackled. There's clearly an even better game to be made here, if Overkill could just scrape the gunk off its lumpy game engine. The same game with the environmental mayhem of the Frostbite engine, for example, would be a sight to behold. That Payday 2 overcomes so many handicaps to emerge, once again, as a fantastically entertaining multiplayer game is a victory in itself." – Dan Whitehead, Eurogamer

“While the heist set-up is novel, and while there are few highs in multiplayer compared to the feeling of having coordinated teammates—something whichPayday 2 demands—in a way, some of my enjoyment of Payday 2 hinges on what the franchise might become one day. Yes, it's worth playing now to see the neat ideas you can't find in other shooters; it's a great title to pick up to play around with your friends…but I can't help but look forward. What will Overkill make with a bigger budget?” – Patricia Hernandez, Kotaku

Payday 2, rated M for Mature, is currently available for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

– Chelsea Regan

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