Corey Harrison of Pawn Stars has apologized for publicly urinating while drunk at a bar in Jefferson City, Missouri.

Harrison was traveling with a group of motorcycle enthusiasts as part of a drive organized by Hot Bike Magazine when they stopped in Jefferson City on Sunday, Aug. 17. A source told Radar Online that the Pawn Stars star got drunk with fellow travelers at a bar and was drinking “copious amounts of shots.”

When the group moved to the other open bar, Harrison was already wasted. “You could tell when we walked in the bar that it was not gonna go well. He was so sloppy drunk and so obnoxious, you just knew this was heading towards a bad scene,” the source revealed.

Corey Harrison Urinates On Bar Stool

Once at the bar, Harrison proceeded to urinate in front of the patrons and staff, and was even photographed giving fellow patrons the thumbs up as he was exposing himself.

“All of a sudden, it was just bam! He got his pants down, peeing on a bar stool, being very proud of it. I couldn’t believe he was doing that. The bar owner was there, and was obviously upset, but somebody from the bar arms with a towel and cleaned up the pee,” said the source.

According to the source, Harrison was eventually escorted out of the bar, leaving without protest, and was driven home by police officers, though he was not arrested or charged for his inappropriate behavior.

“Not my finest moment, obviously. I sincerely apologize to everyone for my behavior. I am truly sorry,” Harrison said in a statement.

Contrary to Harrison’s public apology, the unnamed source who leaked the story also claimed that this behavior was not an anomaly for Harrison, who the source claims acted entitled throughout their trip: “He’d been such an a—hole all week. The guy that owned the bar, he’s got no defense. He’s got to clean up this piss and Corey thinks it’s acceptable because he’s got a s—ty show on the History Channel.”

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