Polish man Pawel Leszek Jurski was arrested at a Miami concert for stalking headliner Katy Perry.


Police say they caught the man attempting to sneak backstage of the American Airlines Arena in Miami where Perry was putting on a concert. Jurski, 37, has been charged with aggravated stalking, escape, loitering and prowling, and nonviolently resisting an officer.

Jurski is in the United States on a tourist visa and is being held for immigration officials, according to jail records. The man was told to stop after entering a backstage area. Police arrested him as he tried to rush the stage.

“I will do whatever it takes to be with Katy Perry,” Jurski told the police at the time. In addition, Perry’s security director told police that Jurski attempted to climb to the 14th floor of a hotel in Miami beach last week to meet Perry and was escorted off the property. Police add that he has also shown up at previous Perry concerts in Tampa, Orlando, Atlanta, and Chicago.

Jurski’s lawyer spoke in his defense at a bond hearing on Thursday afternoon, saying that Grateful Dead fans follow the band cross-country and no one considers it stalking. “This is not the Grateful Dead,” the judge interrupted. “This is a woman who is performing and he says he is going to do whatever it means – whatever it takes – to be with her.”

“[He] followed her into a restaurant, where was it, in Tampa, he goes to a hotel and hides in the stairwell, he goes towards the stage area, the restricted area at the triple-A arena,” the judge continued. “That’s a little more than going to a concert.”

Jurski’s bond was set at $34,000 and remains in police custody.

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