A judge on Wednesday granted Paula Patton with a restraining order against her ex-husband Robin Thicke, citing domestic violence, spousal infidelity, and substance abuse.


Patton alleged, in a sworn statement, that Thicke abuses drugs and alcohol, sleeps with other women and has a violent temper. The judge granted the order based on Patton’s words, which bars Thicke from being within 100 feet from Patton, Patton’s mother or the estranged couple’s 6-year-old son Julian. Additionally, the judge repealed Thicke’s custody of Julian and acknowledged that the singer “has a history of domestic violence.”

Thicke responded by saying that the couple had no issues with their custody agreement until Jan. 5 when Patton “suddenly” started “withholding Julian” from his father. “I believe Paula’s sudden ardent opposition to me spending time with Julian is a product of residual anger she holds toward me,” Thicke stated. “Neither my family nor I would permit Paula or her family to attend the funeral of my father… Paula did not have a positive relationship with my father.”

Despite this Thicke’s statement and reasoning, Patton’s words paint a different picture – one in which Thicke is a cheating, abusive husband. She claims he cheated on her on Valentine’s Day in 2013. “I later learned that after I had fallen asleep, Robin had attempted to have sex with some girl in the second bedroom,” she recalled.

She also delved into some of his past anger issues. “On or about April 6, 2013, on our son’s second birthday, Robin’s anger towards me became uncontrollable,” she said, describing an incident where she had to hide from him when she saw him making “inappropriate contact” with a masseuse. “He pushed me down and kicked me.”

Multiple incidents later, despite Patton’s wish that her son not grow up in a broken home, she divorced Thicke in 2015. The most recent incident involved Julian’s school, which called Child Protective Services when the child said that his father “punches” him.

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