Meadow Walker, daughter of the late Paul Walker of the Fast & Furious franchise, is engaged.

The 22-year-old model confirmed her engagement to actor Louis Thornton-Allan in a video on her Instagram account on Monday, where she was seen flaunting her engagement ring, covering her face giggling while wadding in a swimming pool with a scenic desert backdrop.

Walker captioned the video: <3 <3 <3 <3


Thornton-Allan reposted the video to his Instagram story adding two hearts and a star emoji, followed by a video of him walking towards Walker with a cigarette in his hand as Walker emerges from the pool.

The newly engaged couple solidified their relationship in early July with an Instagram debut on Thornton-Allan’s account of the two cuddling on a couch gazing into each other’s eyes smiling.

The actor captioned the post “Best friend💜,” Walker commented on the photo with “My love💜.”

Jordana Brewster, who starred alongside Walker’s father in the Fast and Furious films, showed her approval of the couple in the comments section writing, “❤️❤️❤️.”

The model who keeps her personal life under wraps shared rare glimpses of her summer romance unfolding with her fiancé and their secluded getaways, sharing a video touching Thornton-Allen’s face captioned “hi,” in mid-July.

In a post to her account on July 30, the actor displayed his support for his girlfriend’s career holding up a cover of Walker gracing the cover of a magazine. Walker has ventured into the modeling industry and is currently signed with renowned modeling agency DNA Models.

SurPrise!!!! 4 months late …,” Walker wrote.

Walker was recently seen walking the red carpet solo at the premiere of F9, the latest installment of her father’s movie franchise. Vin Diesel,  Walker’s godfather, who starred along with her father in the movie sagas, remains close to her considering him family.

“She’s the first person on Father’s Day to wish me Happy Father’s Day,” Diesel said a statement about his late friend’s daughter. “To see her with my children is one of the most beautiful things. There are moments when I see her playing with [my daughter] Pauline and it hits me so deep, ’cause I can only imagine what my brother sees when he sees that.”

This year mark’s the eighth anniversary of her father’s tragic passing in a car accident. Two years after his death, Meadow sued Porsche alleging the car company was responsible for her father’s death due to a number of design defects. The lawsuit was eventually resolved in 2017, and the terms of the settlement were kept confidential.

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