Paul Kitterman went missing during the halftime of a Denver Broncos game at Denver’s Sports Authority Field on Oct. 23.

Paul Kitterman Went Missing At Broncos Game

Jarod Tonneson, Kitterman’s stepson, was with Kitterman and a group of friends at the Broncos-Chargers game last Thursday. Kitterman, 53, reportedly left his seat during halftime and never returned. Kitterman did not have a car at the game, doesn’t carry a cell phone and had an estimated $50 cash on him – no credit cards. He was last seen by a staff member in the third quarter.

Tonneson said he searched the stadium after the game and has called local hospitals and detox centers – Kitterman reportedly had about four or five beers during his four hours at the game. In addition to his preliminary search, Tonneson, along with family and friends, has been passing out missing persons fliers around the city and filed a missing persons report with the Denver police.

“We don’t know what else to do…He wouldn’t just take off, you know? He wouldn’t leave me there,” Tonneson said.

Tia Bakke, a friend who attended the game with Kitterman and Tonneson, told reporters that the group had made plans to meet at Gate 8 after the game, and they waited an hour before beginning to search for Kitterman. According to Bakke, the group immediately called stadium security and were at the arena until 1 a.m. searching.

“He would never bail on his son, or anyone. So, by Friday night, we knew something was really, really, wrong,” Bakke told ABC News.

Denver Police Looking At Broncos Surveillance Video

Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson said that the police have found no evidence of foul play. “With 70,000 people and cameras all over the stadium, you would see something if a violent crime occurred,” Jackson told reporters.

Investigators are currently combing through surveillance footage from the stadium, but have found no trace of Kitterman. “The surveillance video that we’re looking at, [what we’re] looking for is to see when he was last seen at the stadium, who he might have been with, just his demeanor the last time he was seen. That might tell us a lot,” Jackson said.

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