Paul Kitterman, the man who disappeared from a Denver Broncos football game on Thursday, Oct. 23, has been found and returned home safely.

Paul Kitterman Found Outside Of Denver

Kitterman, 53, attended the game with his stepson, Jarod Tonneson, and a few friends. He left his seat during halftime and never returned, causing Tonneson to file a missing persons report, and inciting a large search for Kitterman. Tonneson was convinced that Kitterman was in trouble and that he would never just leave him in the middle of a game. Kitterman reportedly had no car at the game, nor did he have his cell phone on him, and he only had an estimated $50 in cash.

On Tuesday, Pueblo Police Department received word that a man matching Kitterman’s description was spotted in a Kmart parking lot. Police found Kitterman in good health, and returned him to his home.

“Pueblo Fire/Rescue was called to check Kitterman’s welfare [and] determined he was medically sound. He was speaking and answering questions intelligibly that were asked of him,” the Pueblo Police Department said in a statement.

Kitterman "Had His Fill Of Football" And Left

According to police, Kitterman said that he simply “had his fill of football and decided to go for a walk.” Kitterman reportedly wandered off and somehow ended up 110 miles outside Denver.

The Denver Police Department confirmed that Kitterman had been found alive and well. The Denver PD added that they are done with this matter and encouraged media to direct any questions to the Kitterman family.

Tonneson, who was outspoken during his stepfather’s disappearance, has yet to release a statement.

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