Dodge Ram’s two-minute spot featured still images of farmers hard at work, set to words by the late newscaster Paul Harvey – providing a truly moving Super Bowl commercial without the gimmicks of celebrity, camp or cuddly pets.

In 1978, Harvey, who died in 2009, delivered a speech to the National Future Farmers of America entitled So God Made a Farmer. The written speech is a continuation of the Genesis narrative of The Bible, and details what God did on the Eighth Day when he needed a caretaker for the land he had created.

Ram commissioned 10 noteworthy photographers, including William Albert Allard, the legendary National Geographic photographer, and renowned documentary photographer Kurt Markus, to capture American farm life for the truck commercial.

After the spot aired, viewers took to Twitter to express their support for the ad. “Paul Harvey was one of a kind. Brilliant use of 'So God made a farmer,'" tweeted CSI:NY star Gary Sinese. “Great tribute to the American farmer. Wonderful ad.” Parks and Recreation's Rob Lowe agreed, tweeting, “God made a farmer. Yes. Not hip, no gimmicks. Not trying to be funny. Just great. #SuperBowl.”

During the Super Bowl, Chrysler also aired a two-minute ad, featuring the voice of Oprah Winfrey as she reads a letter to the men and women of the U.S. armed forces. Through the letter she tells them how valuable their service is to our nation, how they are missed and cared for and how much the country anticipates their return.

Watch the Dodge Ram spot below: