WandaVisionsPaul Bettany shared a glimpse of his and Oscar-winning wife Jennifer Connelly‘s grown-up sons in an Instagram photo.

Although the children grew up on set, the Hollywood parents steered their children clear from the spotlight, and they have rarely posted to social media platforms.

The father of two publicly showed how proud he was of his 17-year-old Stellan for graduating high school in a smiling picture with his son. “So that happened,” Bettany shared. “The short version is that Stellan graduated and I cried like a baby.”

Bettany, prior to the graduation post, shared a picture of him holding then-infant Stellan on the set of his movie Wimbledon in 2004. “Here’s me holding Stellan at about a week old… Today my beautiful kid graduates high school!” he shared. “Time… My head is spinning. Very proud of everything Stellan has accomplished so far and even more excited about what the future holds. Incidentally, this picture was taken on centre court where I won Wimbledon 36 times sooooo take THAT @rogerfederer “

Bettany also shared a photo of his step-son 23-year-old Kai, who is Connelly’s first child with her ex, photographer David Dugan. Bettany has been in Khai’s life since he was six years old and captioned the photo, “My eldest son kai waits patiently while I try to figure out the timer on my camera… aaaand gets bored before I figure it out … then leaves me solo. Off to graduation now. X.”

Bettany and Connelly have been married since 2003, and share two children together. They reside in Brooklyn, New York and have a 10-year-old daughter Agnes, who is never photographed in public. On the Kelly Clarkson Show in January, Bettany revealed that his daughter is not too impressed with her father being a Marvel superhero.

“My daughter has always tortured me with preferring other superheroes to me.” Bettany admitted. He then shared his daughter is a fan favorite of Marvel stars Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr.

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