Patti Davis, daughter of former President Ronald Reagan has spoken out against Donald Trump‘s approach to the presidency.


Davis appeared on CNN last week to speak about President Trump on behalf of her late father. “I think my father would be appalled,” Davis said. “But I also think he would be really heartbroken about where this country has come to and where we have sunk to. And I think he would be frightened at the use of the word ‘enemy’ for the media. You know the word ‘enemy’ is really a very strategic word if you think about it. Because if you think about it, if you call someone the enemy you dehumanize them. You make them into a target, really.” Davis added that Trump’s constant bashing of the press is invoking fear among the American people.

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Two days prior to her appearance on CNN, Davis published an article in The Washington Post titled “My father, Ronald Reagan, would never have stood for this.” In her article, Davis recalls how Reagan often had to contend with invasions of privacy from the media, “But there was never vitriol, there was never name-calling, and if anyone had attacked a journalist, my father would have been the first to stand in the way.” Davis also writes that depicting the press as the enemy paves the way for tyranny and goes against democracy.

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