When you’re set to make $4 million next year, it stands to reason that you can afford a few lavish nights out. But a bill for $102,407 during a random weekend in June seems a little much.

New England Patriots’ tight-end Rob Gronkowski appears to have done just that, after spending a night at the Foxwoods Resort Casino’s Shrine nightclub in Connecticut, according to TMZ, which obtained a copy of the itemized receipt from the night.

Gronkowski has denied having racking up such an audacious bill, tweeting, “Don’t always believe what you read. This is where 100k+ would go to before that.” The “where” Gronk was referring to was the Boston Children’s Hospital, to whom the football player donated $110,000 to back in February.

A photographer working for Shrine night club was the first to make the receipt public, posting a photo of it to Instagram with the caption, “And this is how you party.” Although the photo has since been deleted, pictures of Gronkowski partying still remain.

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The bill has several glaring charges on it including a $27,000 charge for 15 bottles of Dom Perignon Rose and a $18,000 charge for 18 bottles of Ace of Spades Rose.

The receipt also claims Gronkowski and his crew bought 16 bottles of Grey Goose for $10,400 and $250 worth of Voss water bottles.

Twitter users have noted that the receipt appears to be altered when considering that the suggested tip amount is only $184.33 where the suggested 15 percent tip normally appears. If this is the case, the total bill would be a little less than $1,250.

Gronkowski has gained a reputation in the past for being a wild partier. After the 2016 NFL season, Gronk put together a four-day trip on a party cruise to his own island in the Bahamas. “It’s time to PARTY, it’s time to ROCK, but more importantly, it’s time to get GRONK’D,” the cruise’s website read.