Patrick Schwarzenegger, son of philandering former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, is stealing some of the spotlight away from his dad. The younger Schwarzenegger is apparently following in the footsteps of his father’s early movies by removing his shirt for the public eye. However, Patrick’s chest bearing stunt is a bit more glamorous, as he reclines shirtless in an ad for Hudson jeans on a billboard above Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood.

The Schwarzenegger family has been in the media glare this summer after revelations emerged about Arnold’s affair with his housekeeper that produced a son. The affiar led to a split between Arnold and wife Maria Shriver. While the family turmoil has surely been difficult for young Patrick, the 17-year-old is pressing forward with plans for his future. In addition to exploring colleges to attend, Schwarzenegger has founded a clothing company called Project360 that donates part of its proceeds to charity, according to the Los Angeles Times. He apparently also finds time to flirt via Twitter and might have eyes on Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez.

The Hudson Jeans billboard marks Schwarzenegger’s foray into modeling. However, while he looks like a cool customer in the ad, the location of the billboard might be creating some steam with his parents. The billboard rises above the famous Happy Ending bar and restaurant in Hollywood and is juxtaposed with the bar’s giant sign, making an unintended statement about the young model’s summer.

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