The right-wing social media platform Parler, which is increasingly popular with American conservatives, is launching a collection of 10,000 NFTs based on images of former President Donald Trump made by artist Jon McNaughton.

The announcement said the aim was to “capture the essence of the Trump Presidency using symbolic imagery with serious undertones. Throughout, McNaughton conveys how the Trump legacy has and will continue to change American politics.”

Parler CEO George Farmer said that this NFT collection release will “align perfectly with Parler’s goal to move squarely into Web 3 technologies and partnerships that further our commitment to freedom of expression.”

When Farmer says “Web 3,” he is referring to the concept of the next generation of the history of the Internet being upheld by blockchains and cryptocurrency, which means this will likely not be the last cryptocurrency effort we’ll see from Parler. They even establish in the announcement that this first NFT release is just “Part 1 of a series.”

Parler will be stamping the NFT’s on the popular Ethereum blockchain, with premium “whitelist” subscribers that applied before January 19 having a chance to purchase them before they are all made publicly available. The starting price of the tokens will be 0.10 ETH, or approximately $320.

It doesn’t seem like this collection was created in collaboration with Trump himself, however. The former President even called cryptocurrencies “very dangerous” when asked about them last month.

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