A shooting at the offices for Paris’ Charlie Hebdo weekly newspaper has left 12 people confirmed dead.

Paris Newspaper Shooting

On Wednesday afternoon, a number of masked men raided the offices of the satirical paper in central Paris and open fired with machine guns. Charlie Hebdo has repeatedly sparked ire for creating caricatures of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed.

French President Francois Hollande has condemned the terrorist attack on his country’s soil as “barbaric.”

“We are menaced because we are a country of liberty,” he said in remarks in which he notified the public that there were still victims in critical condition. “And because we are a country of liberty, we will punish those who have done this.”

Due to the nature of the attack, Hollande fears that more could be in the works and has taken appropriate precautions, including added security at other newspapers, public transportation hubs and other highly-traveled areas.

The men responsible for the shooting managed to escape from the scene of the crime in two vehicles. A manhunt is currently underway.

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