If you’re hoping for Paris Jackson to explain exactly what she thinks about Leaving Neverland, don’t hold your breath.

The model, 20, is clapping back at people who have shamed her for not publicly coming to the defense of her late father Michael Jackson, however.

In a reply to a fan on Twitter, the King of Pop’s daughter explained why she has yet to comment on the controversial film, which features the accusations of sexual abuse made by Wade Robson and James Safechuck.

The two — now married adults with sons of their own — claim they had sexual relationships with the pop icon that started when they were just 10 and 7 years old.

“There’s nothing i can say that hasn’t already been said in regards to defense,” Paris wrote on Twitter. ”[Cousin] taj [Jackson] is doing a perfect job on his own. and i support him. but that’s not my role.”

 “I’m just tryna get everyone to chill out and go with the flow, be mellow and think about the bigger picture. That’s me,” she continued.

While Paris has kept relatively mum, her cousin, Taj Jackson, 45, has been repeatedly and vehemently more vocal to denounce the allegations made in the bombshell documentary.

Ahead of the film’s broadcast premiere, Taj spoke out on Twitter and referred to the documentary as a “one-sided hit job.”

“My family and I have known Wade and his family since he came to America. Don’t tell me a 4 hour one-sided hit job that you watched is more reputable than people who actually knew him and saw his interactions,” he wrote. “This is all about money and the desperate need to be relevant again.”

“After years of coaching and studying for these roles, I’m sure Wade (self proclaimed “Master of Deception”) and Jimmy both gave Oscar winning performances today,” he continued.

Taj has also created a GoFundMe page in support of his uncle, with the aim of creating a new documentary, which plans to “unmask the truth about Michael Jackson.” The campaign has since raised over $95,000 of its $777,000 goal.

Days after Leaving Neverland‘s broadcast premiere, Paris took to Twitter to write, “I know injustices are frustrating and it’s easy to get worked up. but reacting with a calm mind usually is more logical than acting out of rage and also…. it feels better to mellow out.”

More recently, Paris has expressed her support for her father writing, “my father handled his trials and tribulations with grace, peace, and love. it’s a more effective way of life. i suggest we all take that as an example”

While she has yet to share her feelings about the documentary explicitly, she condemned allegations that she is not defending her father. “I am defending him, in my own way,” she replied to Perez Hilton on Twitter who stated otherwise.

Leaving Neverland premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January and aired on HBO earlier this month.

The late singer’s estate filed a $100 million lawsuit against the cable network and its parent company, Time Warner, claiming that the film was “unvetted propaganda to shamelessly exploit an innocent man no longer here to defend himself.”

HBO responded: “Despite the desperate lengths taken to undermine the film, our plans remain unchanged. HBO will move forward with the airing of Leaving Neverland. … This will allow everyone the opportunity to assess the film and the claims in it for themselves.”


Michael Jackson previously denied any sexual abuse allegations before his death in 2009 and was ultimately found not guilty at a 2005 trial.

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