Paris Jackson, the daughter of the late Michael Jackson, claimed that her longtime nanny Grace Rwaramba had a habit of sneaking into the King of Pop’s bed during a deposition that was aired in court on Tuesday.

According to Paris, Rwaramba was obsessed with Jackson and “would call the hotel and say she was his wife. They’d let her in and he’d wake up and she’d be in his bed.” Paris added, "[Jackson] said [Rwaramba] was sneaky and she wasn't an honest person and she lied a lot."

Paris' deposition, which was recorded on March 21, was played for the court in her family’s wrongful death suit against concert promoter AEG. The Jackson family believes that AEG put their ambition to drive profits before the health of Michael Jackson – ultimately causing his untimely death. They’ve suggested in past testimony that AEG fired Rwaramba in an attempt to have greater control over the late artist. Paris’s deposition is being used by AEG to contradict the Jackson family’s claims.

Paris remains hospitalized following her suicide attempt earlier this month. On the morning of June 5, she was rushed to the hospital after taking 20 Motrin and slitting her wrist with a kitchen knife.

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