Paris Jackson has addressed the cyberbullying she continually endures on social media in a tearful video post.

Paris Jackson On Cyberbullying

Earlier this week, Jackson, 18, took to Instagram with a since-deleted video in which she opened up about the emotional toll of cyberbullying. During the video, Jackson revealed that at age 14, the personal attacks led her to attempt suicide.

“I don’t understand how there can be so much hatred in the world right now I’ve tried sticking up for myself. I’ve tried the whole blocking the haters thing, not reading the comments, I’ve tried a lot of things. Ignoring it. But it’s hard,” Michael Jackson‘s daughter said through tears. “It is when there’s so much of it. I don’t get why I’m such an easy target, I’m very nice to people I meet. I’m usually a very trusting person. I try to be open with you guys on a daily basis, I share a lot, I’m very public.”

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Jackson added, “When I was 14 I got so much hatred that I tried to kill myself and I took, like, a two-year break from social media and then people asked me to come back, to make my Instagram public again, so I did. And nothing changed!”

Jackson pointed out that she’s not the only person in the spotlight who faces harsh attacks from anonymous people on the internet. She specifically pointed to Justin Bieber‘s girlfriend Sofia Richie, who Jackson has known for years.

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“She is one of the sweetest girls in the world, and people are telling her to kill herself,” Jackson said, speaking of Richie. “I mean we’re human beings, man. We’ve got hearts, and brains, and feelings. And when you say damaging things like that to people, it f–ks them up. It really f–ks people up.”

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