Reports are circulating this morning that a major studio has signed Paris Hilton to star in an upcoming biopic of the legendary missionary worker Mother Tereasa, due to start filming next spring. Speaking to the Daily Piffle, the Hilton Hotel heiress proudly confirmed her involvement over lengthy negotiations over personal terms. “I’m psyched to be playing her,” said Hilton, speaking via telephone from a yacht somewhere in the South Pacific. “I have always felt a great affinity with her, and I feel that a great deal of my life to this point mirrors her own,” Hilton mused.

The picture, set to be directed by Michael Bay and tentatively titled Hot Momma, was initially due to begin filming in November, but was pushed back to March 2011 after Hilton made it clear that she did not like the cold and requested that the entire shoot be uprooted from Calcutta to Tahiti. No word is yet confirmed on a co-star, but rumors are gathering steam that Robert Pattison will once more don a pair of fangs to play an undead cabana boy who will serve as Teresa’s love interest.

With some already pointing out the perceived inaccuracies of the story, Hilton appeared seemingly unconcerned. “I think you have to allow for a certain amount of creative license in any project,” claimed the former Simple Life star. Explaining her take on the woman many proclaim a Saint, Hilton went on to say, “Yes, there was the charity work, and the sacrifice, and the unending service in advocacy of the poor, but I see her a different way – I see her as hot. She had style, and, I mean, why wouldn’t she wear Prada?” She added, "April fools!"

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