The parents of actor Alicia Witt were found dead in their home on Monday night. Witt had not heard from her parents for several days, so she asked a relative to see if they were all right. Police performed a wellness check. However, when they entered the Worcester, Massachusetts home, they found Robert Witt, 87, and Diane Witt, 75, dead.

“I reached out to a cousin who lives close to my parents to check on them,” Witt said in a written statement. “Sadly, the outcome was unimaginable.” She added, “I ask for some privacy at this time to grieve and to wrap my head around this turn of events, and this surreal loss.”

Witt debuted as a child actor in the 1984 film, Dune, at age seven. She went on to appear in Orange is the New Black, Twin Peaks, The Sopranos, The Walking Dead and many other projects. Witt is also a professional singer/songwriter and pianist, and her latest album, The Conduit, was released this fall.

There were no obvious causes of the couple’s death. However, police do not suspect foul play. Though the couple had recently dealt with furnace troubles and were currently using a space heater, firefighters found no signs of carbon monoxide in the home. “There were no air quality issues,” police summarized of the findings.

There were also no signs of obvious trauma, according to police Lieutenant Sean Murtha.

A neighbor said that Robert and Diane were both rarely seen outside their home. The neighbor explained that she had believed them to have been ill for a while. She also said that multiple other neighbors had offered to help the couple with their yard work, but that the pair had politely declined the offers. Reportedly, the home had fallen into disrepair.

The couple’s cause of death is currently unknown. Autopsies have been scheduled.

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