Joanna Rohrback has brought Prancercise, a silly and fun-to-watch exercise she first developed in 1989 without much success, to the forefront of people’s computer screens with a YouTube video outlining the routine that’s now going viral.

Rohrback has defined her exercise routine as a “springy, rhythmic way of moving forward, similar to a horse's gait and ideally induced by elation” on the Prancercise website. The workout was developed as a freeing movement away from traditional fitness routines, such as going to the gym.

The video, posted in December 2012, shows a well-coiffed Rohrback demonstrating how the five-minute workout is done. While wearing ankle weights, the exercise begins with a shuffle, moves into a trot, and then to a dance. The routine ends with her putting the ankle weights on her wrists and punching her fists into the air.

When Rohrback first developed the Prancercise workout and released the video, Funky Punky's Prancercise Program, it failed to catch on. However, with this recent video post, the routine is garnering attention as the new must-watch YouTube clip.

Though much of the recent attention paid to Prancercise is poking fun, Rohrback doesn’t see the exercise that way. “This is not to be confused with the fad "Gangnam Style Dance",” her YouTube disclaimer reads. “This is the real deal fitness program for those serious about looking their best, not like a FAT KANGAROO!”

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