Panasonic’s Lumix GX8 impressed photographers back in 2015, and the camera manufacturer has just announced its successor, the Lumix GX9. Blending some of the strengths of the GX8 and the GX85, the GX9 seems like a promising product.


As with the GX8, the GX9’s megapixel count will be 20.3, and it will forgo the low-pass filter. Panasonic insists its Venus Engine will keep your frame’s focus free from undesirable visual blemishes, and the GX9 is sporting a new built-in flash. Additionally, 5-axis dual image stabilization is accounted for in Panasonic’s newest model, as is support for both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2.

Video recording has been a reliable strength in Panasonic’s cameras, and the GX9 looks to continue that tradition. You can record 4K videos at 24fps or 30fps, and you can save “the perfect moment” in your recordings as a separate image.

GX9 offers budding photographers a 16:9 electronic viewfinder (dubbed the “live view finder” by Panasonic), which can enhance your shots by tilting up roughly 80 degrees. Finally, the GX9 is sporting a new monochromatic filter, granting everything a classy grayscale veneer akin to a classic movie.

Unfortunately, a few compromises have been made in combining the GX8 and GX85 together; the battery and grip have taken a hit, and the shutter speed has dropped from 1/8,000 a second to 1/4,000, though the latter may only affect professional photographers.

Slated to start shipping in March, Panasonic’s latest camera will cost $999, which is $200 cheaper than the GX8. A Lumix GX9 will be available in black and silver colorations, and the package will contain a 12-60mm lens kit. Two accessories, a $19.99 eyepiece and a $59.99 handgrip, will also be available.

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