Ozzie Smith, the Hall of Fame shortstop, spoke to Uinterview exclusively about teaming up with Budweiser to attempt to make MLB’s opening day an official holiday.

Smith had a cameo playing himself in “Homer at the Bat,” one of the most famous episodes of The Simpsons. The episode first aired during the show’s third season in 1992.

Smith, nicknamed “The Wizard” for his defensive prowess, said that he’d be more than happy to do another episode of The Simpsons if asked.

Smith told Uinterview that it appears that the writers have “spoken very loudly and very clearly” concerning the candidacy of players who may have used performance-enhancing drugs.

In addition, he said of the Hall of Fame voting, “It’s sort of like a badge of courage to not let someone at this point be unanimous, but hopefully we will see that in the very near future.”

The legendary St. Louis Cardinals shortstop also addressed whether baseball is doing enough to get African Americans kids interested in baseball.

“I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to do enough to get them back interested in the game again,” Smith told Uinterview. “You know a lot of the programs that the kids had early on have been eliminated, but I think Major League Baseball through its RBI program and programs that are sponsored by ex-major league players are ways that we’re working on trying to get more African American players interested in the game.”

Budweiser has currently garnered more than 44,000 signatures for its petition. It needs to reach 100,000 signatures to ensure an official response from the White House.

To learn more about the petition, click HERE.

– Matt Castello

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