HBO Max pirate comedy series Our Flag Means Death is introducing six new cast members.

Kristian NairnNathan FoadSamson KayoRory KinnearCon O’Neill and Vico Ortiz will join the show with the show’s previously announced lead Rhys DarbyTaika Waititi is also appearing in Our Flag Means Death as pirate Blackbeard.

The series is based on Stede Bonnet‘s real-life adventures. Darby is a spoiled aristocrat who left his life of privilege to become a pirate.

Nairn (Game of Thrones and The Little People) will play Wee John Feeney. Foad (Bloods) will appear as Lucios. Kayo (Truth Seekers and The Bubble) will play Oluwande. Kinnear (Penny Dreadful and The Imitation Game) will play Captain Nigel Badminton and Chauncey Badminton. O’Neill (The Batman and Chernobyl) will play Izzy. Lastly, Ortiz (Vida and American Horror Story: 1984) will play Bonifacia.

The show was created by David Jenkins. Jenkins, Garrett Basch and Dan Halsted will work as the show’s executive producers with Waititi, who will direct the pilot.

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