After the first two awards were given out on Oscars 2016, host Chris Rock presented a hilarious short video entitled, “It’s Hard To Get A Job” for black people in Hollywood.

The host portrayed Matt Damon‘s character in The Martian and poked fun that the idea that NASA wasn’t going to save a “black astronaut.”

Whoopi Goldberg added her talents to the short crashing a scene from Joy – playfully suggesting she would be better at selling mops than Jennifer Lawerence‘s character.

Comedian Tracy Morgan added his personality to The Danish Girl and as Eddie Redmayne‘s transexual character.

Following the skit, Rock invited Stacy Dash on stage to stir up controversy. Dash waved and smiled to the audience and wished everyone a Happy Black History Month.

Dash made headlines recently when the #OscarsSoWhite controversy began stating that Black History Month shouldn’t exist, nor should BET or anything that focused on celebrating black culture specifically.

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