Chris Rock took no prisoners during his opening monologue at the 88th Annual Academy Awards.   It was no surprise he decided to tackle the drama surrounding the all-white nominations for this year’s acting Oscars.

  1. Rock decided to call the award show the “White People’s Choice Awards.”
  2. “If hosts were nominated for this, I wouldn’t even get this job.”
  3. Poking fun at the 71 other times there are no black nominees in the history of the Oscars. “Why? Because we had real things to protest,” he said.
  4. Jada Pinkett Smith boycotting the Oscars is like me boycotting Rihanna‘s panties: I wasn’t invited so I can’t get mad.”
  5. He went on to make fun of her husband, Will Smith and his snub for the movie, Concussion. “It wasn’t fair that Will Smith was paid $20 million for Wild Wild West but it happened.”
  6. Rock also said that the Oscars should have more “black categories like Best Black Friend.”
  7. The host also wanted to answer the question: “Is Hollywood racist?” He explained that it is a  “different type of racist. Hollywood is like a sorority.”
  8. He also poked fun at the award-winning movie, Creed. “Some people call it Creed, I call it black Rocky. Rocky was mostly a science fiction movie.”
  9. “The biggest snub is Paul Giamatti. Last year he hated black people in 12 Years a Slave and now he is crying at Easy E’s funeral [in Straight Outta Compton].”
  10. Jamie Foxx was so good in Ray that they went and unplugged Ray’s cord at the hospital because we don’t need two of these.”

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