As the old proverb goes, all good things must come to an end. Orphan Black, which airs on BBC America, announced last year that the biopunk sci-fi TV series will end after its fifth season.

‘Orphan Black’s Season Five To Premiere June 10

Now, the network has announced the official date of its season five premiere. The final season will air on June 10. The Orphan Black Twitter account also distributed the news, mysteriously calling the last season “the Final Trip.”

Check out the enigmatic tweet, complete with a GIF poster, below.


The character featured in the GIF is the show’s protagonist, Sarah, portrayed by Tatiana Maslany. The GIF’s black-to-white inversion of Sarah paints an ominous mood, and hints at the foreboding nature of the final season.

The sci-fi series follows the life of Sarah Manning, whose life was thrown into chaos when she witnesses the suicide of a woman who looked identical to her. Following that traumatic experience Sarah discovers that that the woman who died was a clone, and through the course of several episodes, discovers more and more clones of herself. The show raises interesting questions on the ethical implications of human cloning, and its subsequent impact on personal identity.

All the clones are portrayed by the talented Maslany. The actress received a much-deserved Emmy last year for her performances on the show.

When we last left Sarah, she had an intense confrontation with the series’ main antagonist, leaving audiences with a cliffhanger at her uncertain fate. Fans are hoping that the season finale won’t bring any major character deaths, especially after what all the women have done for each other.

Other than the date and time of the premiere, however, no other concrete details have been released. One thing that fans can expect is that Maslany will star as the show’s protagonist, and its slew of clones.

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