Stars attended the L.A. premiere of Amazon Prime Video series Carnival Row at TCL Chinese Theatre on Wednesday in Hollywood.

Orlando Bloom stunned in a navy blue suit along co-star Cara Delevingne in a long dress with abstract colors of purple, pink and black.

The new show is set to premiere, August 30 on Amazon Prime’s streaming service with the script based on a story by former lawyer and writer Travis Beacham.

Carnival Row is a historical fantasy set in a world resembling Victorian England, only humans are joined by faeries, centaurs and other creatures. Delevingne plays a faerie named Vignette Stonemoss.

Delevingne was part of Amazon’s Television Critics Association panel for Carnival Row, and was able to write her own lines for the show, contributing to Beacham’s fantasy world.

“I’ve always been interested very much in science-fiction and fantasy,“ Delevingne said in a statement. “Especially for some reason, I think there’s always been a lot more space to create these extremely amazing female characters. With all the creators of these, they’ve always been very amazing and willing to work with me on what I think because it’s always been kind of male writers, but they always want a female voice. I get to also add that two cents into it which has always been amazing.”

Though Beachman wrote the script, Delevingne contributed to her own character’s lines, making sure they weren’t too masculine. She praised Beachman and other male writers she’s worked with in the past for encouraging her have a say in her roles and use her creativity.

“By literally changing the lines, to be like, ‘A woman wouldn’t say that. She would say this. If you tell a man that a woman wouldn’t say that then they can’t be like, ‘Well, sorry.’ They’ve always been extremely amazing with that,” Delevingne said.

She hopes the show will have a real world impact as it addresses things like equal rights and immigration while still taking place in a world of fantasy.



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