Oreos are launching a new, more calorie-friendly Oreo called Oreo Thins in the U.S. on Monday.

Oreo Thins

Oreos, owned by Mondelez International, is launching a downsized version of their famous chocolate-and-cream cookies. Instead of doubling up on filling (like the Double Stuf Oreos) or changing flavors, these new Oreos are just like the classic cookies, just 4-millimeters thinner.

One Oreo Thin cookie has the same cookie-to-filling ratio as the original, but have one third less calories. At 35 calories each, four Oreo Thins contain 140 calories, whereas three regular Oreos contain 160 calories. Brand manager Patty Gonzalez, revealed that the company hopes the cookie provides fans with a more “sophisticated” option.

“At Oreo, we know that some of our fans have grown up and that their tastes have grown up too. The crisp and delicate texture of Oreo Thins was specially designed for fans who love the taste of Oreo but are looking for a more sophisticated cookie,” Gonzalez said in a press release.

Oreo Thins, or adult Oreos, are not only thinner, they also require consumers to be less messy when eating. These new Oreos are so thin that they can’t be easily twisted apart and eaten in two separate stages.

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