The ladies of Litchfield surprise an Australian couple at their wedding in honor of celebrating the country’s same-sex marriage which was legalized in December of 2017.

Orange is the New Black stars Lea Delaria (Big Boo), Danielle Brooks (Taystee) and Yael Stone (Lorna Morello) were in Australia to take part in the annual Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras parade this past weekend, however decided they wanted to make this trip special. They also came to fans’ Tegan Hunter and Louise David’s wedding.

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Hunter wanted to plan a surprise her now-wife David, who is a huge Orange is the New Black fan, so she worked to bring out the stars of the show.

Netflix shared the whole surprise on their Facebook.

At the reception, DeLaria was the first to make an appearance. She gave a speech to the couple saying, “Sorry for crashing your wedding, I hope you don’t mind. I’ve decided not to come by myself. Ladies, I brought a couple friends with me.” Brooks and Stones then emerged to the crowd bearing gifts for the brides and surprising all the guests.

Stone, who is also Australian, was the next to give a speech to the couple. “As an Australian, we waited a long time for this to happen, you know, and we’re really proud that we can be here and celebrate you guys individually and celebrate this change across this beautiful country that needed to change. So this is a beautiful moment and thank you for sharing it with us.”

The stars then stayed for the rest of the reception where they met and danced with guests. DeLaria even got up on stage with the band and sang for the couple.

Orange is the New Black stars just wrapped up filming for season 6 and is expected to release this year in June, similar to the past four seasons.

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