Orange is the New Black episode “Where My Dreidel At” showed Cindy and the other Kosher meal eaters trying to prove that they’re Jewish, while Piper finally fully launches Felonious Panties.

Orange Is The New Black Recap

Pearson (Mike Birbiglia), speaking for MCC, tells Caputo (Nick Sandow) that something has to be done about the growing number of inmates on the kosher meal plan at Litchfield. Caputo doesn’t think it’s a wise move to try to determine the real Jews from the fake Jews. He tells Pearson that, in the long run, it will be more of a headache and more of a financial burden to make it an issue.

The seventy-something inmates eating kosher, roughly a third of the prison population, end of having to meet with a rabbi, who is tasked with determining who is merely asking for kosher for the better food. Lolly (Lori Petty), who brought the idea to the inmates, doesn’t make a great case for her Jewishness, neither does the nun. Cindy (Adrienne C. Moore) makes a go of it with Woody Allen references, but she too is determined not to be Jewish. Back on the regular meal plan, Cindy decides it’s now time to convert.


Litchfield’s second most popular religion is whatever Norma (Annie Golden) is spearheading. Though most of the inmates outside the group consider it a cult, and the administration thinks it’s nothing more than a club, those involved are fighting for it to be recognized as a faith so that they can meet in the chapel. The most militant of Norma’s followers is Leanne (Emma Myles), who ends up throwing Soso (Kimiko Glenn) out of the cult and pushing Poussey (Samira Wiley) away in the process.

Leanne, who grew up Amish, had gotten involved with drugs during her rumspringa, but ended up deciding to return her community. When her old drug stash gets found near the cornfields, she ends up making a deal to catch her pals selling and doing drugs by wearing a wire. The act, while getting her out of jail, causes her community to shun her, as it sent a number of their relatives to jail. When Leanne learned that it was taking a toll on her father’s business, she decided to leave.

At Litchfield, Piper’s (Taylor Schilling) panty business is going great. After her employees turned over their underwear, she packs them up and sends C.O. Gerber into the outside world with them. When her brother comes to visit her, Piper learns that the panties sold out over night. It’s time for them to bump up the price and put out more product. Instead of going to Alex (Laura Prepon) with the good news, Piper goes straight to Stella (Ruby Rose), who tells her she could be pulling in $3,600 a week. After some flirting, Stella kisses Piper, who doesn’t pull away.

Season 3, Episode 8 Odds & Ends

One of Suzanne’s Time Hump Chronicles fans has a crush on her.

C.O. Coates gets creepy with Doggett out on another van run.

Tensions continued to rise between Sophia and Medoza over their sons.

Alex finds Lolly’s notebook with notes about her every movement.

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