Orange Is The New Black “Don’t Make Me Come Back There” saw Daya finally go into labor with her and Bennett’s baby, while Sophia’s situation only gets worse at Litchfield.

‘Orange Is The New Black’ Recap

Daya (Dascha Polanco), mad at Aleida (Elizabeth Rodriguez) for trying to sell her baby, tosses her out of her cube when she tries to help ease her contractions. When Daya was young, Aleida remembers sending her off to summer camp, hoping to give her experiences outside of the city. Her mother advises against it, but she goes through with it. Daya, who then loved her mother more than anything, didn’t want to let go of her.


As for Litchfield mother Red (Kate Mulgrew), she’s got her power back, holding a lottery for inmates to indulge in her special meal nights with vegetables from the garden. This week it’s corn. Though people had lined up to win a chance at the meal, it starts to look like it will be a no-go when Red finds Taystee (Danielle Brooks), Janae (Vicky Jeudy), Poussey (Samira Wiley) and Cindy (Adrienne C. Moore) munching on the corn outside. Cindy defends eating the corn with a slavery reference, leading Taystee to tell her, “You got to stop using slavery every time you want to justify some food issues.”

Cindy replies, “I’m just using it until I’m Jewish and I can pin it on Hitler.” In any case, Taystee apologizes to Red on Cindy’s behalf and promises that they’ll help her with the dinner. Red is in for a surprise when she finds a box of corn in the kitchen from a mystery helper. With the corn, a waitstaff of Taystee, Janae, Cindy and Poussey, and Poussey’s hooch, Red manages to pull off a top-notch meal. Having realized it was Healy (Michael Harney) who’d gifted her the vegetables, she left a piece of corn and leech quiche on his desk.

While Healy and Red’s flirtation continues, Piper (Taylor Schilling) is having a tough time dealing with the fact that Alex (Laura Prepon) broke up with her and tells Stella (Ruby Rose) as much. Stella asks her to come to movie night with her, but Piper declines on the basis of not being ready to jump into a whole new thing.

Piper is dealt another blow when the young guard tells her he can’t move the panties for her anymore. She believes that it’s because she didn’t make good on the promise of a physical reward. When Piper goes to give him what she thinks he wants, Stella swoops in to stop her. She manages to convince the guard that working with them is the most interesting thing about him, so he’d be wise to keep it up. He doesn’t argue. Later on, Piper goes to movie with with Stella, and admits she likes her. Then, Stella reveals she’s getting out.

Seeking her own way out of Litchfield is Soso (Kimiko Glenn). With Berdie gone now, she doesn’t have any emotional support and turns to Healey. Healey gladly writes a recommendation for Soso to get put on anti-depressants. When she meets with the doctor, he leaves the room to get her chart. Soso takes the opportunity to swipe a bunch of pills she sees on a desk. When Poussey had gone to fetch more hooch for Red’s party, she found Soso unconscious on the floor of the library.

Meanwhile, Daya’s contractions are getting worse and worse. Aledia once again tries to comfort her and explains that giving the baby up wasn’t just about the money. She also thought she was really helping her. When the two start to make up, Aleida realizes that Daya is bleeding. As Daya is rushed to the hospital, Aleida remembers how threatened she felt when Daya went off to camp and had a great time without her. Daya gives birth to a healthy baby, but Aledia, thinking she’s doing right by Daya, calls Delia and tells her that the baby died.

Things have been going south at Litchfield for Sophia (Laverne Cox) since her incident with Mendoza (Selenis Leyva), and get worse when a few inmates confront her in her salon, asking to see what’s between her legs. When she refuses, they jump her, pulling off her wig and throwing her to the ground. Bloody and bruised, she goes to see Caputo (Nick Sandow), who sympathizes but says that his hands are tied. His solution is to have some guards watching her, but she wants crisis and sensitivity training for all the guards. When he advises against legal action, she says she’s got something better – a headline in the New York papers.

While Caputo and Pearson (Mike Birbiglia) try to figure out a way to help Sophia, she goes to talk to Sister Constance about how no matter how much they might gossip and gab with her, she’s still just a freak to them. It looks as though Pearson has convinced his dad that Sophia shouldn’t be punished for being attacked and that they’ll have a board meeting. But, while Sophia sits on her bed tending to her wounds, Donaldson goes to get her. She’s being sent to Shu for her own protection. Mendoza sees Sophia being walked out and looks on guiltily.

Season 3 Episode 12 Odds & Ends

Big Boo and Doggett plan – but can’t go through with – raping Coates aka Donuts with a broom.

Suzanne is upset to find out that someone is writing Time Hump Chronicles fan fiction.

Cal and his wife, who want to make more money off Felonious Panties, are trying to make fake worn underwear.

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